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Chatterbox the Squirrel 

Chatterbox the Squirrel pattern was chosen in 2003 because I had a red squirrel infestation in my attic. At night I could hear them running around and chirping and one morning I even found a baby squirrel in the living room! I quickly found a company that could remove them humanely using exit tubes and while I waited for them to leave I hooked Chatterbox the Squirrel.

This rug was hooked using found and recycled wool clothing.  I knew I wanted Chatterbox to be reddish-brown and used red browns to deep pinks in the body and tail. I used the same  brown wool in the oak leaves and acorns.  The bittersweet is a lovely yellow and red. The challenge of this particular rug was using  wools that were given to me by hooking friends or found at the local thrift store.

 Chatterbox is not smoothly blended, uses found wool, and has a primitive feel. I love this rug because all of the images can be found here at Sisters Three Farm: red squirrels, oak trees and bittersweet.