Nigerian Dwarf Goats 2017-18

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A $100 deposit will hold any kid or adult goat and is refundable if the requested  kid is not born, but is non-refundable if the buyer cancels the sale. Sisters Three farm has the right to retain any replacement kid born.  Kids and adult goats must be picked-up by the agreed upon date made at the time of sale.  We do charge $30 a week boarding fee for any goat held after the agreed upon pick-up date.  Sale price includes ADGA Registration papers (unless otherwise noted), tattoo and up-to-date vaccinations. Fees do not include interstate Health Certificates.  Deposits can be made through Pay Pal or checks made out to Ellen Gould.  Due to the rising costs of goat keeping all prices are firm.


Sisters Three Jane 3*M  LA VVVE 88  Pedigree

Jane is a Marceline daughter and Abenaki granddaughter, pictured above as a milking  two year old in the Best of Breed line-up. As a  milking yearling she came in first in her class every time and continued to do the same in 2016.  At the 2016 National show she placed 6th.  She has a very good mammary and body and has better milk production than her dam. She looks more like her Grand dam and we believe she will improve with age and eventually become a champion as she matures. Jane will be bred to Sisters Three Floki Kids will be priced $500


Sisters Three Freda  VVVV 86 Pedigree

Freda is a Selma daughter and she is pictured above as a second freshening two year old.  She has excellent fore udder blending and rear attachments, lovely udder height and proper rump angle. In the 2016-7 show season she has placed first in her class every-time. At the 2016 Nationals she placed seventh. the judges love she udder and is commented on as a goat with great potential.  This 2017-18 breeding will be to Fairlea Edmond Dantes. Kid price: $400

Sisters Three Harriette +V+V 84  Pedigree

This little milking yearling is a Marceline daughter, Abenaki granddaughter and her sire is Wood Bridge Farm Uncas.  She has a beautiful rump angle and length of body. Nice attachments and good teet placement. She is everything we expect from a milking yearling. She has placed first or second in her age class this year. She will be bred to Fairlea Edmond Dantes. Kids are priced at $400.

Sisters Three Olivette +VVV 86 Pedigree

Olivette is a Selma daughter, Madigan granddaughter and sired by Wood Bridge Farm Uncas.  Even now at this young age she shows the depth of body, spring of rib and body capacity that this maternal line has. She has done well in the 2-17 show ring.  We plan on breeding her to Sisters Three Floki Kid price is $400

Dry Yearlings 

Sisters Three Nymera Pedigree

Sisters Three Bernadette Pedigree



We do not show our bucks so we just never get around to taking photos. Too bad because he is a very handsome fellow and has a great mello personality. He is my favorite color golden brown. Floki is a beautiful buckling.  He is the best of Abenaki and Selma in one package. Take a look at his pedigree, his dam’s udder and Abenaki’s body.  We look forward to using him for many years to come.