old 4-H 211As I’m writing this the snow is falling heavily, the wind is picking up and the goats are all safe and warm in the barn. We, however, are caretakers and feed and water the herd twice a day rain or shine. Pictured above are the three sisters the farm is named after: Olivia, Emma and Molly.
Each Fall we select a few does to breed for our show season and then we check to see if they are pregnant by Ultrasound.  Ultrasound confirms their pregnancy, due dates and also tells us how many goat kids to expect. Below is an informal list of does and the buck they were bred to. You can look at the goat page to see more details about each animal.

  •  Abenaki  x  Uncas :  2 kids. Retaining one doe. 1 kid (doe or buck) available
  • Sisters Three Selma x  Uncas:  3-4 kids. All kids ( does and bucks available)
  • Jane x Flokie: too early to tell how many kids ( does and pet wethers )
  • Flurette x Uncas: 1 kid for sale ( doe or pet wether)
  • Freda x Uncas: 2 kids for sale ( does pet wether)

Please contact me about purchasing one of our Nigerian Dwarf kids by e-mail: dairygoatsforsale@gmail.com