Sulieman CenterMy Rug Colection 014 

This was my first attempt at an oriental design pattern. I wanted to keep it easy and hook by using the “outline and fill” technique.  I knew the main colors that I wanted to use and so dyed the blue, red and green wool for this project. I took it all to Maryland Shores Rug Hooking School, sponsored by the McGown Guild and began it there with the guidance of a Certified teacher.

Two of the dyes I used for this rug are from the Prisms book by Claire deRoos & Nancy MacLennan: Mandarin Red and Chinese Jade.  I am sorry to say that took poor notes from that time and did not write the year it was begun or finished, the teacher that helped me put it all together and the other dyes used.  My sincere apologies to the teacher.

Two things I learned by hooking this rug is how  to hook a round shaped rug without losing the shape and to take better notes.

Happy hooking!

Suliman Center pattern can be purchased from the Honey Bee Hive company.