My Rug Colection 003

Work is Love Made Visible. 

I don’t talk much about my husband George, but he is the rock in my life.  He makes all things possible here at the farm; dairy goats, family life and my craft.   I had been  wanting to make a rug that would express my love and devotion to him.  And I am a strong believer My Rug Colection 005in the old saying “Work is love made visible”.  Rugs are work; choosing the right pattern, dying wool, and the physical act of pulling loops through the backing.

When I saw the Wedded Bliss pattern by Patsy Becker with its old New England charm I knew it would be perfect.  I dyed my first gradation swatches for the woman’s gown and the gentleman’s coat and trousers and the background was a learning experience.  I have well water and spot dyed with Cushing’s Khaki Drab.  As I hooked I found I was short on wool and so had to dye some more.  I found that the mineral content in my water varies by season and this made it difficult to get an exact match…some more hard work to get it right.

The photos do not do it justice. The eye’s are outlined with just two threads of wool and the lace on the cap and sleves look lovely.   This rug is one of my favorites and my love shines through in this rug, My Rug Colection 004Wedded Bliss.  Pattern by Patsy Becker.  36 x 24 inches.  Won  First Place at the Big E and a Sponcers Rosette and prize. Finished in 2005.